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He captured Virabliadra GajioafL *on of Parta parudra G-ajapati
yrith all the nobles and commanders aliv3, :id took "possession
of the fortress, "but he grava him an a3 nuance of seeuiitv. Trie
(following) verse bears out tli3 truth of this statement:

- " Formerly Radra  foolishly sk-iv Jlanniatha,   the son  of
Krsnat  near  a   Kondavlda  (inoiiiitaia-ab.^de -.    Is  it a manly

deed? The   celebrated kin 2  Xarasirahr, Kr?n.raYa  merciftillv


offered protection to Ylrabhadra, sou of PratSp^rndra, 0:1 the
battle-field near Kondarldu.*"

Having offered protection i:: this manner to the officers of
the Gajapati, Krsnaraya sribjugatecl the covaitry as far as
Sinihacalam. Xext he advanced as far as Karakani where he
attacked the Gajapati, and forcibly married his daughter. He
ceded to the Grajapati the country 0:1 the other side of Siraha-
calani,t and returned to Kondavldu the governorship of which
he conferred upon Xadendla Gopaniantri. ti nephe^r of Saluva
Tirnmarasa. Then the Raya went back to Yidyanagara.

Krsnaraya ruled from S. S. 147 to S. S. 1455. J

JSra//y;,'::/ r/.r^j;/urTs\v, J/.:r. J/,-7. 1^-4-40, pp. IS fL


This passage rneatious Piiia-KondrHja. one of tlie sons of
Kamaraja-Tirnniula or Timnin, a prominent member of the
Aravldn family. Pina-Koiidraju. it is said, was the protector
of Krsnadevaraya's kingdom at Kondavldu.

i 1:20.

He (Krsjaadevaraya) started on the Srlrortw-daiamt day of
the  month  of Citrai in  the year Siimukha on this campaign

* The stanza is taken from Xaadi Timmaiia's
H" This statement is not accurate. Kj-sn^Taya ceded to the Gajapati all the territory
which he conqtir*d to the north of the Kj-sna.
$Th dites arc significant. The reign of Kts^arSyi coicmpaced, aacording to this
ICaiJty&i, in ^. S. 1437, i.e., from the year of his conquest of Ko^iavvju, and Kisna. diod
in . S. 1452, i. e., three years before the date to -which the Kaifiyat assign* his death.
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